For ACSA 2013, a four-week program with two ongoing classes each week and with a wonderful accompanying schedule of guest lectures and tours has been devised. We have been able to bring together major and colourful personalities from all over the world – all of them actively involved in the arts,and bringing their own very special expertise and perspectives to bear.

Our aim is to provide a platform for networking and to enable you to develop your personal work with the support of, and in interchange with, international artists. You will have the opportunity of meeting a broad spectrum of personalities from the art world and of exchanging ideas with them, while at the same time gaining insights into the art metropolis of Berlin. Not just because we are located in a former library, an ever more lively and guiding theme for ACSA 2013 will be the issue as to how knowledge can be gained and/or shared and how communication functions within this process opening up access to, and experience of, the current-day artistic community.

To choose the class you are most interested in and to gain detailed information about the course itself and on what each week's programme will look like, please navigate below: