Week 1 / Course (engl.) –
Thibaut de Ruyter

This course is fully occupied!

Exhibition making: from y to z and back to a again

This one-week course is designed for critics, curators, exhibition designers, theoricians as well as artists. It is specifically designed to encourage observation of architecture and space and how this both influences and inhibits the staging of artworks. The course will focus on the reality of making exhibitions in a space, and the importance of scenography. The rise of "narrative spaces" and the current fusion stages that were once kept architecturally separate: museums, theatres, musical performances, among others play a strong role in this discourse. The course will be led by the architect and curator Thibaut de Ruyter. Participants will gain practical insights into the presentation of artworks/ concepts. Don’t plan too much aside for this week – it’s going to be intense, and fun!

Please check Thibaut's website for further info: www.thibautderuyter.com